Why Pressure Clean

Why Pressure Clean

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why exterior cleaning

House Exterior

The cleanliness of the exterior which also includes the deck, patio and driveway, can reflect our perspective towards cleanliness. By using the lowest pressure possible to achieve desired results without damage we guarantee that you will be satisfied.


Periodic cleaning of concrete helps to extend the value, aesthetics and service life of the surface. A pressure clean is the ideal tool to clean and sanitize large concrete surfaces.


Mould and mildew build up is an accident waiting to happen. Pavers and pathways covered with this type of layer can be very slippery and visually unpleasing.


Tired and dirty brickwork caused by the elements can look very unsightly. Mould and mildew can again build up on this surface requiring regular cleaning.


The build-up of mildew and fungus growth leaves your fence exposed to potential decay.

Blind, Awnings & Shade Sails

Keeping your blinds and awnings clean of contaminants will ensure their longevity and protect your investment.

Retaining walls

These can be a great feature bur rather unsightly if left to deteriorate. Pressure cleaning is the best way to keep them clean and to maintain a proper appearance.