Exterior Cleaning

Exterior Cleaning

Looking for a regular or once off exterior clean service? Express Exterior Cleaning will come to you from just $24.95

exterior cleaning

Express Exterior Cleaning has specialist equipment and products to clean all types of wall finishes to ensure that your property is left sparkling. We are able to pressure clean brickwork, render, cladding and woodwork removing dust, dirt and bird residual.

Pressure washing houses should be completed in preparation for new paint by removing the chalky residue and scouring the old paint so the new coat will adhere better. Our telescopic lance and rotating brush enables us to reach those hard to get to areas of your home or building. The Express House Wash product works together with our equipment to give you the best results.

Our Franchisees would like to show you how we can pressure clean your house professionally so that it will look just like new and/or you will be able to prepare the surface for a new paint.